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Since July 2012, Beaver County is one of 18 Counties in the commonwealth that offers distressed homeowners an opportunity to save their homes! Housing Opportunities in cooperation with the Court will negotiate with your lender after an intent to foreclose notice is filed. Upon receipt of the complaint an URGENT NOTICE is included.
At that time the homeowner has 30 days to schedule an appointment with our office and we will again contact your lender to help to negotiate a modification agreement. Once the appointment is completed it places an immediate hold on all legal proceedings for at least 60 days until a possible agreement is negotiated. The 30 day timeline to be in our office is important and cannot be compromised. Take advantage of this program if offered!

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Frank Wilson - Executive Director
Marcie Williams - Sr. Housing Counselor / Administrative Assistance
Rebecca Morrison - Housing Counselor / Administrative Assistance
David Klitz - Housing Counselor / Foreclosure Assistance
Kevin Campanaro - Housing Counselor / Foreclosure Assistance
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