Post-Purchase Assistance Program

In Pennsylvania, most homeowners are eligible for assistance if their mortgage becomes 60 days delinquent and they can show that the delinquency was caused through no fault of their own (job loss, divorce, illness, etc.). Under the program, mortgage lenders are required by law to mail an ACT 91 notice to the delinquent homeowner. The homeowner must then make an appointment to come to our office within 30 days of receipt of the notice. Once a counseling session is completed, a temporary hold is placed on the foreclosure proceedings.

Post-Purchase Program Requirements

Beaver County is one of 18 counties in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania that offers distressed homeowners an opportunity to save their homes! Housing Opportunities — in cooperation with the Court — will negotiate with your lender after an intent to foreclose notice has been filed.

Upon receipt of the complaint, the homeowner has 30 days to schedule an appointment with our office. Once your appointment has been set, an immediate hold is placed on all legal proceedings for at least 60 days until a possible agreement is negotiated (please download our Credit Report Authorization form and bring it to your first appointment). Housing Opportunities will contact your lender to help you negotiate a modification agreement once your appointment is completed.

The 30 day timeline to be in our office is important and cannot be compromised. Take advantage of this program if offered! To schedule an appointment, please contact our office. During your initial consultation, you may be asked to complete our online intake form and other documents relevant to your situation.

A password to access the online intake form will be provided by your HOBC counselor.